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Daryl Hallucinations
 Since 1997
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Sacred Songs
A must have. One of Daryl's most interesting works. Babs and Babs is one of my favorite songs, ever. Robert Fripp collaborates on this LP. 
Soul Alone
3 Hearts in the Happy Ending Machine
Daryl Hall Solo Albums 
Everyone knows a Daryl Hall song, though they may not even know it. It doesn't take long to rattle through the list of hits before someone gasps and says, "I know that song!" For many fans, it isn't just about the hits, it's about songs that are more obscure. Combing through the B-sides you'll find some outrageously awesome music. Recently, Guster appeared on LFDH and sang Babs and Babs with Daryl. It was sublime. Just sublime. 
Lots of soul searching and preaching. Did I say must have already? Ditto on this one. 
Dreamtime and other amazing songs on this one. Can you guess who the 3 is? Everyone buzzed about that for ions.
Can't Stop Dreaming
A solo version of She's Gone, Cab Driver, Hold onto Me, so many. A variety of collectible covers circulate around the globe on this collection.
Laughing Down Crying
The newest and my latest love, this set is extremely soulful. I would buy it for the single, Save Me alone. 
Daryl has teamed up with so many amazing talents; the Temptations, Diana Ross (Swept Away), Holly Knight (Heart Don't Fail Me Now), INX (Original Sin), Eric Clapton (No Alibis), Gloryland, We are the World, Farm Aid, Live Aid, and others. Google your heart out and see what you can find. It's always exciting to find a Dusty Springfield or tune that you never knew existed! 
Robin Leigh Griffin Fields-WebMistress

"My first favorite song of anyone's was Rich Girl. At six-years old, hearing someone sing the word 'bitch' on the radio was huge, plus the song was outrageously cool. I just wanted to hear it over and over again. Plus I could whisper 'bitch' each time he sang it."