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Blast from the past. I was in the Adirondack mountains when I learned about the video contest and didn't have anything to film with except for a Canon Elph, cheapo digital camera. 

Shot in a somewhat abandoned building and a historic cemetery, we defined the song, 'Falling' (Bigger than the Both of Us LP) as a soul who carries on in the mortal world refusing to accept the future of things, until she lets go of the past. Thank You for everyone that voted for us. Click to View.
Robin Fields-Who the? 
I'm Robin, the web-master, mistress, whatever you want to call it. When I kicked off this site approximately 20-years ago, there wasn't much online, and web pages like this were NOT as plug and play as they are now. Everything on the page required an HTML code. I remember printing out a MASSIVE book of pages, and creating a binder so I could teach myself all the codes. By the time I figured most things out, websites had already begun to change. I can't remember where the first site was hosted, but it eventually moved into GeoCities, which too is now defunct. The only thing I was able to salvage was the original guest book (at least from GeoCities) and share it here on this page. It's filled with some very VERY old posts from many names you'll recognize. Some of the friends and fans were practically kids when they popped in, so it's fun to read when you get a chance. 

I'm from upstate New York. Rye, then UP, UP, and AWAY near Saratoga Springs. That's about as good a landmark as any. I was once a radio news director and voice talent, but now I'm part of the auction world. I photograph, market and am the queen of our Proxibid application for all live auctions. Part of the auction house is known as , The Frog Shoppe. Since we are an FFL, it only seems natural that we sell Concealed Carry products, so the Frog Shoppe is an area that I work on, online and also at the West Palm Beach gun shows. 

Photos to the right are of our three darling children. That's Lauren with her shades on. She's a cool cat. She's smart, she's pretty and like a cat, she does things on her own terms. Her original studies for marine-life have evolved into paramedic fire rescue. 

Then there is Peter, affectionately, the middle child. 

Peter is the artist. He's already got a book featuring his artwork:
The Wonderful Whimsical Wild World of Poems      

He attends an art school in West Palm Beach and hopes to work as an animator someday. Not many people are as kind and sweet as Peter. 

Lastly, there's Jack Ruby. He's simply unstoppable. He just starred in Oklahoma and also just hiked 77-miles at a ranch in New Mexico. He is certifiably a gifted computer genius. His hobby is ethical hacking for cyber vulnerabilities. I kid you not. My hands are full with this child. He will attend an amazing private school this Fall and aspires to continue on to MIT. 

Daryl Hallucinations started back in 1997 when there wasn't much on the internet except for Marc Lieberman's first Hall and Oates website. Thus, the need was there. The Daryl Hall website was born and although it has switched homes over the years, on various web hosts, it has been going strong, uninterrupted for all these years. Thank You everyone for your support. 
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